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Merry Christmas everyone :)

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    Hey...Arcane...I only came home to BC for family reasons.
    I absolutely loved Saskatchewan! Funny hey...I fit in perfectly out there.
    I really liked working with the guys/gals who came off the farms.
    Got to teach welding to a lot of young folks...mainly Natives.
    But...the cool part to teach their machinist a thing or three also.
    The job I have now...ppl who walk in off the street...with an idea drawn on a napkin..
    They are sent to me They have the idea...I have to convert it to hillbilly..
    then decide if its a good idea and how much it will cost.
    It can be a lot of fun...or a pain in the butt...depending on the person
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      Originally posted by torker View Post

      It can be a lot of fun...or a pain in the butt...depending on the person
      Life story of the self employed!

      Best wishes to all, for now and the future!
      Best wishes to ya’ll.



      "To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk" - Thomas Edison

      "I've always wanted to get a job as a procrastinator but I keep putting off going out to find one so I guess I'll never realize my life's dream. Frustrating!" - Me

      Location: Bustling N.E. Arizona


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        Are yah back in the Koots, or did you settle elsewhere in BC?

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          Thread Nazi's not gona be happy....
          Feel free to put me on ignore....


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            Hi Russ!!

            Well hope alls well with you sir. I been behaving for almost 5 years now, ha ha / Had question yo uhad said many years ago a friend of yours made big block dual carb manifolds for 460 fords>?? Just wondering if he may have some still? Anyhow another engine build with dual impco mixers, For my tow rig for my Motorbike drag bike hobby, Man were gettin old eh? Take care Mike (madman)

            [email protected]

            Get me youre email ill drop some pictures to you i never could do them in the hSM Too dumb l later Mike