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It's New Years Morning

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  • It's New Years Morning

    And as usual, I'm up long before anyone else, down in my little shop, doing "quiet things" until the rest of the household (this morning grandma and four grandchildren) get up and about for the day. This gives me an opportunity to take stock of the past year. It hasn't been a bad year in general. No major health problems for grandma and I, and one new grandchild from our beautiful daughter Beth and her husband. On the downside, we have found that our 40 year oldest boy has been diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons disease, but there are medications to control it.
    I thought that I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who has followed my posts over the past year. A special thanks to those who showed me something new, or a better way to do something that I was doing already. Thanks even to those who criticized, because you made me step back and take a look at some of the things I do and ask myself if I really was going about something the wrong way.
    A very special thanks to those all over the world who built machines from the plans I have posted, and then taken the time to photograph them and send me a picture or a video of them working.
    Happy New Year to all of you, and even if we have learned that it seems rather futile to pray for "Peace on earth", may the bit of earth you are standing on have a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous coming year.---Brian Rupnow
    Brian Rupnow
    Design engineer
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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    Good morning Brian, happy new year to you. Keep posting, it's fun to try and follow you thinking processes as you design a new engine or pump.



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      Thanks Brian, a Great posting!!


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        Sorry about your son but Parkinsons doesn't have to be as bad as it used to. My Grandfather had it and he would get the shakes in his hands, sometimes quite badly but at other times when doing certain things his hands would steady out, like when we would go groundhog hunting, he could still make the shot. Treatment is much better these days.
        The shortest distance between two points is a circle of infinite diameter.

        Bluewater Model Engineering Society at

        Southwestern Ontario. Canada


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          New years morning? It was already afternoon when I got up- mind you I partied until 4:30 AM and didn't get home till almost 9. I don't do that very often anymore-

          Happy new year everybody!
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            Happy New Year everyone!
            I pounded down a few too many Knob Creek Bourbon's last night, but killed the hangover with a big, greasy bowl of spicy Menudo this morning.
            A Mexican hangover cure that actually works!!


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              Nice OP. Some good people on this forum. Happy New Year.