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  • Servo 140 Repair

    The Servo 140 Feed on my B'port died. It was working and I put it in the nuetral position. While manually moving the table the Servo suddenly decided it was "in gear" and opposed my choice of feed rate.

    As I was at the opposite end of the table from the forward/reverse lever, I know I did not bump it into gear. Now it is totally dead.

    My question is " would it be worth repairing?" If so, who repairs them and if not any other makes or models that would work as well?

    Like my DRO that quit, the Servo is also 19 years old.

    Thanks in advance.


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    It's very much worth repairing. All parts are available and replacement 140's (not the imports) cost a fortune. They appear to be a little tricky to get apart ... but easy after you figure it out I've fixed most of them from the model 70 to the 140/150's

    Check the switch/breaker on the bottom. Microswitch adjustment/failure will give the symptoms you describe.

    Here's where to get parts etc:

    I'm only a few miles from you... if you get stumped bring it over!
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      No first-hand experience with the Bridgeport Servo, but
      have replace a part on an import. Some must think the
      BP S140 is deserving, too:

      Any idea what is wrong? Electrical. Mechanical?