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    Humidifier season and thousands of gallons of water going down the drain.

    I use an April Air fan powered humidifier on the furnace. Whenever the fan runs a solenoid valve opens and water trickles over a pad that a fan blows heated air through humidifying the air. Water that doesn't evaporate drops in a catch pan and runs to a floor drain. Lots of it. There is supposed to be some excess water so mineral isn't all left behind and quickly load up the pad. I've been at it for years and I've found no good way to meter the water. A adjustable needle valve or orifice for line pressure hard water won't stay set for long. Had an Ah-Ha this morning. If I could install a resetting timer on the solenoid valve I could adjust the ON-OFF timing to keep the pad wet (like 15 seconds on 60 seconds off), have some excess water to keep it clean but not waste hundreds of gallons of water down the drain.

    Where could I find an inexpensive adjustable 120v timer to do this?

    If you have a humidifier that works perfectly, good for you, I don't care, I don't want to hear about it. I want a timer.

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    Use a timer for venting the condensate water from an air compressor tank. No "wiring or messing around". Mine has two adjustments - on time (0-45 seconds) , and cycle time (5 seconds to 50 minutes). Exactly what you need.

    Here a cheap import version (no idea of the ranges etc) :

    Used quality USA :

    I have the "posi-drain". Searches for the same on ebay :
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      Omron in Japan makes a lot of small plugin timers, heres a 60 second one that should work. I am a bit vague on how to set them up to cycle, but my understanding is they can be set to cycle on and off. Ebay has a lot of these timers, heres one

      And another, from China

      Search on Omron h3y-2 in Ebay and research.

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        Why do you want just a timer?

        It seems that a better solution is a combination.... a sensor to determine when the pad is too dry, PLUS a timer to allow more than enough water, but not too much, to flow through.

        The timer alone will be wrong for all but one combination of heat and humidity.

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          I'm thinking maybe you would want a repeat cycle timer for this application?

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            for a timer i would solder up something. faster and less expensive than ordering (and finding out it doenst do what you want).

            you really would want to measure the amount of flow to the drain, i guess.


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              Let us know how you solve this problem.
              I have the same humidifier and would like to stop the water loss as well.
              I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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                Hi GKman
                For what it's worth, the Hamilton 12HF cycles the water just like you want to. According to the manual, they open the valve for
                2 seconds and then close it for 30 seconds.
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                  Found what I needed. Just have to add a 12 V DC wall wart to power it.
                  The extent of the different capabilities isn't spelled out except in the manual.
                  On time and off times can be set anywhere from 0.1 seconds and 9999 seconds.