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"Can't stay logged in" gets weird...

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  • "Can't stay logged in" gets weird...

    For a long time while I was using Firefox, I couldn't stay logged in on this site. The problem persisted when I switched to Chrome until I recently added an exception to specifically allows this site to store cookies in the Chrome browser. Now I stay logged in fine in Chrome.

    I opened the Firefox browser yesterday for the first time in several weeks, and lo and behold, I stay logged in here in FF, too. Firefox did an update, but I've made no changes.

    So, how did my making a change in how cookies are handled in Chrome affect how cookies are handled in FF? I think that suggests the Chrome browser told the website to store a sticky login cookie on my computer, and the site does that now regardless of which browser I'm using. Is that even possible? Any other explanation?
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    I don't allow cookies and I never have a problem.