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  • Harrison L5a

    can anyone point me in the direction of spare parts for my Harrison L5a lathe, especially new bronze bushes for Norton gearbox & the cross slide & compound slide nuts.
    based in uk

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    I cant help with where other than 600 group ( ouch)
    But why not make what you need have a lathe
    bushes are easy even with badly worn nuts
    and the nuts are not too difficult



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      maybe?...not sure if they bother to tear apart machines for parts to fix other machines, someone might already be making such as well and they might know who if that is the case...those lathes are old, obviously, but not the oldest and, at one point anyway, not all that rare...


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        If you are in the UK, the man you need is John Ward, tel 01282 869262, He makes a lot of spares for old machines, including nuts, feedscrews, chuck backplates and gears. His prices are reasonable, and he doesn't charge VAT (or didn't last time I bought off him). At times he can be a bit difficult to get hold of, I understand he goes off mountain climbing - proper ones, not the small hills we have in the UK! I found that ringing him around 6 or 7 in the evening works, I don't think he answers the phone during the day.
        For the bushes, have you measured the sizes? Check with a decent bearing supplier, they might be just standard oilite sintered bronze bushes. If not its a simple turning job for you.
        'It may not always be the best policy to do what is best technically, but those responsible for policy can never form a right judgement without knowledge of what is right technically' - 'Dutch' Kindelberger


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          Another option, G&M tooling in sussex. They had a lot of L5a spare parts and regulary dispose of N.O.S harrison parts on ebay, worth a call.


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            Hi all!
            New to the site, but made an account to reply to this post.
            I am in canada and recently bought an L5 machine. Cannot find reasonable prices on parts. I need change gears. Clausing wants 300$-600$ per gear.
            If you are like me, and don't want to pay, just make it.
            The other part I need is the geared shaft in the norton gearbox. I'm gonna make it!

            Good luck with your bushes,


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              thanks to all who took the time to reply.
              Most useful information.


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                Hi Supa,

                You may indeed need to make the geared shaft, but the loose change gears are pretty common in the UK:

                Might be easier to buy the change gears, and spend your time on the shaft etc.

                All of the gear, no idea...


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                  Hi Ian.
                  I have looked on eBay and found the change gears I need, but none of the sellers are replying to my request for shipping quotes. I have the L5 machine and a Bridgeport with a rotary table and tail stock so it is not gonna be hard to make them. I do need to find involuted gear cutters for 14dp though. I can't buy stock 14dp cutters.