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  • NSK Spindle Gloat

    I found these NSK spindles over at HGR the other week. Got them for $42 plus about $46 shipping. Cheap!

    They are NSK's E400 series of spindle and will do up to 40krpm. They are used for milling, drilling, and grinding and are often found on CNC lathes the add live tooling capabilities, thats what the mounts on them are intended for. One has a high torque right angle head with a 4:1 gear reducer and the other has a standard right angle head. The third is just the motor section, there are a variety of different spindle heads available for them which just screw in place. Both spindles came with 1/8" collets.

    I was hoping to just build a spindle drive since they are brushless motors. That was until I popped the extra motor open and found out that the motor is actually a 2 phase brushless motor with hall feedback and a 48 slot wheel and interrupter for tach feedback. I figured out the pinout for the connector on the end of the cable but I am not sure it is going to do me a lot of good, there is just not a lot of 2 phase motor driver chips out there, most are intended for brushless computer fans. The spindles run at 33v and is Wye wound. It might be possible to build a driver from an arduino. Im going to have to think about it.

    A NE-52 drive unit is about $350 on ebay. Not bad, I guess.

    NSK spindles by Jerry Biehler, on Flickr

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    That there is what I call major suckage. I'm gonna go cry now.

    ps:What's even sadder is that even if I stumbled onto a killer deal like that I'd have to pay someone with enough smarts like you to make them run. Oh well, back to my scooter motor powered project.

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      You find the coolest ****.
      Now show us what you're making with it.


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        Nice score, those look like Omniturn tool holders


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          The holders are made by ECI:

          I have no real plan for them, it was just at the price that I saw them for I couldn't resist buying them. It would be cool to mount in the lathe to do live tooling stuff, sure would make face type o-ring grooves easier.


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            Nice find, toolpost grinder seems imminent, screw slotting perhaps.
            Nice cnc router spindle


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              With the spindle heads I have it is too slow to run a wheel effectively. The right angle heads are something like a 2.67:1 ratio with a max speed out of ~7600RPM and 20krpm in. The other has an additional 4:1 gear reducer which drops that even lower. I will probably pick one of these direct drive spindle heads up off ebay, it will handle the full 40k out of the spindle:

              It is also pneumatically actuated to do automatic tool changes. It looks bigger than it is, it is actually 1.5" in diameter and about 3.5" long.

              A seller on ebay had a spindle drive for my motors on ebay. Was originally asking $1000, on sale for about $600, I offered $100 and he took it. Plus another $110 for shipping since it is coming from the Philippines.

              I do have a Precise brand high speed spindle but it is huge. I think the outer diameter of the spindle is something like 76mm and the whole thing is about 16" long. It is rated for about 1/2hp at 45000 RPM, these little spindles are good for 270watts. The collets for the precise spindle are also very expensive, over $200 a piece, the ones for the NSK are under $100.


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                The spindle drive showed up today and good news is all the spindles work just fine. One right angle head is probably a little noisier than it should be. Oh well, I cant complain.

                Here is is running with a 4:1 reducer into a right angle head with a 2.67:1 reduction. The reducer is rated for 30000 RPM in max so the max output speed works out to about 2700 RPM in this configuration. The right angle head itself is rated for 20000 RPM in which gives you about 7500RPM out. I ordered a straight spindle off ebay that will handle the full 40krpm.

                It also has a 500RPM mode for centering, so using an indicator to align it on a lathe.


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                  Lucky scores! I would love to have these "kicking around" lol