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    I am building a small shooting gallery like the old carnival types with animals running on a belt across the front as well as bobbing targets in the back. Its for "BB"guns to help some of the younger shooters learn to shoot with open sights on a moving target. I learned to become quite proficient with a rifle on one of these and got kicked out of many a gallery.
    So with bit of information... I an looking for some belting that would be good enough to use. I needs to be 60 inch long and 3 inches wide and depending on flexability could be 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. I will splice it to the correct lenght once I get the animals mounted on it.
    Any help would be apprecated. I have tried numerous suppliers but nothing that I feel would work out like I wanted.

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    Try an Ag dealer for round baler belting. There are several after market suppliers and most should have an outlet near you if you're anywhere near farm or ranch country.

    A Google search shows many hits with the search words "baler belting".

    Tractor Supply Co in the U.S., or Peavy Mart or Westward parts in Canada for starters. Bulk belting is usually sold by the running foot.

    The belting is available in many widths and thicknesses. Beware though, some suppliers quote by baler brand. You might have better luck with a visit to a store or a phone call. In addition, any belt supplier will also have some kind of joining kit available like Alligator lacing.

    In a pinch, these belts could be used instead of leather to drive antique machine tools, etc.
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    Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit


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      Ebay has it also.


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        Running machines can be a good source for belting .. wouldn't be too difficult to cut one to size.



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          The TSC belting is good stuff and the store near me usually has it in stock. They have it in 5' rolls if you don't need a lot. I used some on my flail mower for a stone and dusk skirt. It's pretty tough stuff. So far, it's lasted about five years with no sign of splitting or damage.

          As a note; When I was checking on it for the mower skirt, the online catalog said they sold it by the foot but when I got to the store, they told me they don't sell it by the foot. So, you may have to just check the individual store to see what they have in stock. The smallest width I've seen is 4".


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            You cuold also try Ag wreckers they usually have salvaged round balers ,I seen a few with new belts on them and cut to size.


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              A second recommendation for exercise machine track- that stuff is pretty good, and maybe you could arrange to use the complete belt as is- just cut it to width.
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