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  • Enco horizonta lbandsaw

    I recently received a new Enco horizontal bandsaw, my first metalcutting bandsaw. When closing the vise together (moving the movable jaw to meet the fixed vise jaw), I see there is a gap at the bottom of the vise jaws (about 1/4") when the top of the jaws are in contact. Is this normal?

    Enco says it is normal and required to put downward pressure on the material being cut. I'd just like a reality check from some unbiased observers. Thanks.

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    Yes, it's normal. The down force clamping is designed into many metal working/machining vices. I wish it was in my friction saw clamp.


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      My Wilton, which is probably an exact or real close copy was just the opposite. When the vise was closed there was a slight gap at the top. Things would always tend to pop loose. I milled both the bottoms and faces of both jaws and squared them up perfectly. Never once had that problem again.
      I had though of putting a slight taper on the jaws to force the work down if square didn't work, but square has worked out just fine for me.
      I had to do a lot of other fine tuning to that saw also.



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        OK, I'll use it as is for awhile and see how it goes.


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          My Enco does not have this.... 1/4 inch? That gigantic...


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            Small round stock especially rolls up from the bed when you tighten the vise if the jaws are not parallel or slightly gapped at the bottom.