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  • online ordering problem

    Something to watch out for;

    I just attempted to order several items online from When I got to the last step to confirm the order an error message came up complaining that the billing address I gave did not match the billing address on record for the card I used. It asked me to try again after ensuring the address information was correct. I did so on the assumtion that maybe Road was in fact spelled as Rd. It didn't work again. So I put in my middle initial as it appears on the card and tried again. No go. At this time I called Mastercard and they told me that the transactions had been approved and funds were being held, 4 seperate times for the same order. They were very helpful but could do nothing as the transaction shows as approved.

    I called littlemachineshop and spoke to a very nice and helpful person there. She looked up the transaction information and every attempt showed up as declined and they did not have the money. She is now contacting their bank to find out what the heck is up and where is the money? She is not able to reverse the transaction since it shows as declined.

    This will be interesting as is the first time I have had a problem with online shopping. We'll see how it turns out. In the meantime it might be wise to order by phone from littlemachineshop until they get it sorted out.

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    Thanks for the tip I was planning on ordering online shortly for something. I will phone it in now.



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      I'm sure Chris Wood will do all he can to straighten this out as fast as he can.

      I've dealt with him for a couple of years now and have always been pleased with the results.

      This may be the result of 'growing pains'. I think his business is doing well based upon how his line of products seems to have expanded regularly for quite some time now.


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        Same thing happened at Office depot once..

        New employee scanning my card.

        I liked to have had a blood vessel burst when I saw it charged to my account several times. BUT, being local and going in to see the store manager straightened it right out. They credited my account.

        Never happened to me online,... yet..


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          I had the same problem with an LMS order a year or so ago. After the first try, I called them. They are very good people so I am sure the problem is not of their making. But it is good to make them aware of it.


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            I just ordered a new mower engine for my dad,the chechout went smooth,but some websites have it set up to where you can't see the shipping options until you complete the transaction,so you don't know what the price difference is between ground,3 or 2nd day shipping,ground for this was 6-10 days(grass would be well over my head by then)so I hit the back button and changed it to 3day select,then hit th submit button and the screen locked up!I had to restart the computer and go all the way back through checkout to find the shipping,finally got it right and recieved one invoice via e-mail.

            I have to wonder why anyone would put all sorts of nice features that really make it slick to deal with and then screw it up royally on something like the checkout options.
            I just need one more tool,just one!