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Digital Caliper feature questions and possible Ebay counterfeit Mitutoyos

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  • Digital Caliper feature questions and possible Ebay counterfeit Mitutoyos

    I've avoided new Mitutoyos since they implemented the Absolute function in the late 90s, because at the same time they recessed the zero button making it difficult to zero with one hand. I've been buying older models on Ebay or Chinese cheapies. The Igaging is OK except the the timeout drives me batshyte. I haven't seen a way to disable it. If anyone knows a similar "better than HF" one without the timeout I'd love to know. Now it appears Mitutoyo changed the button design back. Anybody know when? Any other surprises that I might not like?

    There's a number of ebay "Mitutoyo 500-196-20/30" for under $50. WTF? Has anyone bought one? I'm not opposed to cheap Chinese tools, but actual counterfeit is a bit much, if that's what this is. None of the sellers have over 100 feedbacks, seems fishy.

    Edit: googled more and seems like I'm late to the counterfeit Mitutoyo party. Crazy balls.
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    There was a detailed thread about the counterfeit Mitutoyo's on the PM site (or was it here?).


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      I wondered about that, I saw some of them on Ebay that said Mitutoyo but were real cheap. I'm with the OP, I did't peruse them because the sellers had very little feedback.


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        Yup Chinese knock off Mitu's on fleabay and elsewhere.AVE covers them here-

        Sometimes, you just might get what you pay for. I teardown a set of 150mm "Mitutoyo" calipers. We'll see how they work, what's inside and why they are so inc...
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Iv'e seen them from China and India, very suspicious.


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            If you're looking for an alternative to the "Big Boys" (Mitutoyo, Starrett, B&S, etc.) Insize and Asimeto both make pretty decent stuff. I've got some of both brands and they work quite well...
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