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  • Cold Galvanizing Spray Paint

    For years I've used LPS cold zinc and have had good results with it. As my luck usually runs, the local hardware stores no longer carry the stuff because the company makes the stores buy ridiculously large quantities so they dropped the product.

    Now they all seem to carry Spray On cold zinc and I've also found that Rust Oleum makes the stuff.

    Has any one had any experience with either of the two products??


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    Try the local welding supply distributors in your area. That's where I buy my cold zinc spray.


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      McMaster carries it. Not sure if it's still LPS brand, but you could call. Chances are, whatever they're carrying now, it works OK.


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        Rustoleum cold galvanizing paint has been working for 15 years on some rooftop brackets here.

        As you probably know, shake the daylights out of it, because the particulates like to plug the sprayer or , more often, something down inside the can. I have NEVER seen it as other than a spray can around here, which seems like the very worst way to package it, and I have tried hard to find it in brush-on paint.... But........

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan


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          I don't know if they still have it, but I bought it in brush-on form from Eastwood. It came in 1 quart paint can. Great stuff!



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            I have only used the LPS stuff. McMaster does not list the maker.



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              What J Tiers said...used to work for a company distributing "industrial" Rustoleum, had several manufacturers, local, who bought cases of the stuff...way, way cheaper for them to do spots/joints than dipping the whole item. IIRC part of the reason for the cases was exactly as described, guessing about a 30% rate clogging of nozzle before the can was empty.

              They did have it as part of their "7000" series system, epoxy of some sort (its been awhile) so likely two part and I don't know if it is even current (guessing not) and even then each part a gallon (or larger), so small amounts were "out".
              The most recent references I can find are Nov 2006 (updated spec sheet).

              By the by, they list their spray cold galvanizing at least 3 different ways so double check price per unit if that is the way you end up going (as "industrial", as "automotive" and as part of 1600 system)
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                I solved the nozzle clogging problem by increasing the outlet size to 1/16". Blows out a lot of paint but I can control it by bumping the nozzle with a finger rather than laying on it. I did this mod one day after getting frustrated with continuous clogs and it worked so well that I don't even use a can now without drilling out the orifice.

                I think the paint manufacturers must use the same nozzle size for all paint formulations so the heavier products get stuck with a design intended for finish painting with lighter aerosols.


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                  I use the Rustoleum stuff in the spray can,it's okay,but not as good as the brush on.

                  We use only Crown at work-

                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    I never had an issue with the LPS brand clogging the nozzle. I also see that Rust-Oleum has several different types, I'm going to have to call them.



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                      Be aware that cold galv comes in dull or bright finishes. If you want to touch up welded areas that are otherwise bright, be sure to buy bright finish.



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                        I buy LPS on amazon the have the best price