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Second operation lathe

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  • Second operation lathe

    What is a second operation lathe? I guess more precisely, what is a second operation. I have seen a few "Second Operation Lathe" for sale on eBay. They seem to be mostly some form a Hardinge turret lathe.


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    When parts come off the screw machine, or chucker, need a chamfer, face the titty off, drill, or tap a hole, that is what the second operation lathe is built for.

    You have a facing-cutoff slide, and a six position turret generally, so simple first op. jobs can be done as well.

    They usually have quick acting collet, and brake on the spindle. You can really "fly thru a job".

    It can be a real money maker if you have the right work.

    They usually have no micrometer dials,
    or power feed. Positive stops are used to hold size.

    Hobby use would be somewhat limited.

    I always looked for a Hardinge 2nd. op. lathe at the auctions, but a pretty one goes for $5000 +.



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      metal mite:

      Purdy ain't the words to describe 'em!

      I wish I had room for a HLV. You can order them with any paint finish you like. As sexy as battleship grey is there are nicer colours. DuPont's Chrome Allusions Lenticular paint would be spiffy - in "purple passion". Somewhere a toolmaker is rolling over in his grave at the mere thought of it all...


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        That lathe in battleship grey in my shop would still be purdy to me.
        The tooling would be a purdy penny or two also. They always sell that by the box separate.
        I don't have room either, but could get rid of some other old junker.
        Thought you were complaining about my use of the word ti--y.


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          metal mite:
          Not me. I am not offended - except for saying home use would be somewhat limited.

          I would have one right now if I had room. You are right about the price of goodies for them - no worse than buying half a house for a full load model. They come with a Hardinge stool to sit on while you thread at 1000 rpm (luxury). I would love to see the look on their faces if you ordered "Candy Apple Red with pinstriping". Their painter would probably have a heart attack - "What do you mean its not grey?"