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    Has anyone heard of Lodge and Davis? I found an old lathe for sale and have never heard of this, the guy says it is old. I'm trying to decide if I should venture to see it, if nothing else just so I could see a potentially rare piece.

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    I have not heard of Lodge and Davis. I have however, heard of Lodge and Shipley and own one that is 60 years old. This is one of the finest machines ever built. It is possible that Lodge got mad at Davis and joined forces with Shipley. This pure speculation, but if this lathe is half as good as my Lodge it is wort looking at. If you have the time and resources what the heck; go look.


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      I have a lodge and Davis Shaper, Going by what is in my copy of "English & American Tool Builders" by Joseph Roe that I got from Lindsay, Lodge and Davis is the predesesor of Lodge and Shipley. Mr Lodge aparently like to help get other people started and according to the book was influental in getting better that half a dozen companies going. I like my shaper and I guess they made high quality stuff specilizing in lathes and planers.


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        What era is your shaper from? Was it originaly electricly driven or lineshaft powered? I think it is strange that I can't find any info on Lodge and Davis on the net. Talked to a couple old machinists and they haven't heard of it either. Might be rare, I think I'll call the owner and go look at it. Glad to hear someone believes the company was real though. I've been told I must be confused, "It was Lodge and Shipley" they tell me.


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          Call a used equipment dealer in your area they may be able to help you. These guys have seen a lot of different machines.


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            It is post 1890 line shaft I think. The side cover is possible off a newer machine but it lists three cities (I forget which now) and my book says that they expanded to three cities around that time. I paid $250 for it and just ran into an almost identical machine for $300 yesterday.