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    Anyone recognize the model of this 9 ?


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    South bend 9B, no power cross slide.


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      Go here and read, read, read.


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        The serial number is stamped on the top of the ways at the right end of the bed, above the outboard support for the lead screw.

        Use the S/N to estimate age by determining where it slots in amongst other S/N's reported on Steve Wells' supurb South Bend lathe resource site:



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          South bend model C with a Model A gear box added. Models B's had power feed both directions with change gears. The carriage is a dead giveaway to being a C model as it had no feed either direction other than with half nuts.


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            It is a very early 9" workshop lathe. It has a top oiler headstock, but has a reverse lever. That means it was a model 415 made in 1936/37 or so. Somewhere along the way, it had a much later gearbox was added. If it has a slotted leadscrew, the power feed apron could be swapped in.



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              Thank you for responding. A friend of mine - an old machinist - is guiding me as I start out. I have been at my homework on these lathes and have found much of the information that the other responses to my post point out. Your response caught my eye quickly. At some point I will want to mount the "A" apron for the power cross feed. My question is, will there be any clearance problems mounting the double walled apron on the bed that I have? Some posts that I have come across mention clearance issues with the thicker apron housing the clutch and additional wall thickness. The serial Number on the bed is 66385. It has a slotted lead screw..
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