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Need help in Grand Junction CO.

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  • Need help in Grand Junction CO.

    Would anyone in Grand Junction Colorado area like a little side job? I'm in the area and need a piece of aluminum drilled and tapped on a lathe. It's for an RV.
    Mark Hockett

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    dang Mark --- your on the wrong side of my state...


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      Boomer, I'm actually in Moab for the summer breaking in a new mountain bike. I have a list of parts to make for it when I get home. I'm in Grand Junction twice a week to play ice hockey. I know you're a cyclist, do you ride MTN bikes? I'm in Moab for another month if you would like to come over and ride, the house I'm living in has plenty of room.
      Mark Hockett


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        Too cool me and a couple riding buds are heading there but we were going to wait till late fall due to the heat - do you ride early to make it tolerable? --- it's actually been so warm here the only time any of us is riding is in the morning,,, and moab is allot worse than where im at - and we even got up to 104 the other day whew...

        I just built me up a full suspender 29er and luv it so yeah we are all technical trail hammerheads lol at least with the ice hockey you have a balance with the heat... makes me want to get back in my white water kayak about now...

        let me know what kinda parts your changing/building, iv done a fair share of my own stuff over the years...


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          Most of my interest in machining is bike frame building related. Owned a bike shop for years and have ridden down south many times over the decades. Breaking in a new bike for a summer in Moab sounds dreamy........


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            Moab is completely amazing.

            I remember the ride from Seattle to Moab in a friend's H1 hummer. It is a fairly unpleasant vehicle for distance travel, especially 1300 miles. After about 100 miles into the Eastern Washington desert, I was starting to question my decision and ask serious questions. How are the mountains and desert in Moab going to be any different than the mountains and desert right where we are? When we were about 50 miles from Moab, that started to become obvious. Moab is very different and very special.


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              Mark, if you ever pass through south eastern WA I'd be happy to take you up into the Blues. It's not Moab, but there are some pretty awesome trails here. Currently training myself up to do a 40mile loop, which I reckon will take me around 7-8h and probably leave me unable to walk the next day