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Anyone doing the tram device from the last HSM?

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  • Anyone doing the tram device from the last HSM?

    Article by J Gavin.

    I thought about that because the round ram machines like his, or Benchmaster, etc are hard to tram if they do not have a worm drive device such as the article shows on his. It ends up coming down to tapping and tightening to get it exact, which is a time consuming pain. My Benchmaster has a pin for trammed position, which might work, IF I had the original head on it, which I do not. It is a few degrees off, I'd have to plug it and re-drill.

    I had thought of something like the J Gavin project, but intended to actually be used to set tram, not just hold it. Either a pair of opposed screws, like the article, or a long arm and section of worm wheel, more like the adjuster on his mill, but with more leverage and finer adjustment. That way, if you got it reasonably close, you could have a fairly fine screw-type adjustment to get it nailed down precisely.

    Anyone following the article? Or doing a different version?
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