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Smaller key-board for smart phones etc.

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  • Smaller key-board for smart phones etc.

    This came in recently.

    I have such a keyboard and it works very well on my Apple smart-phone.

    I included it as some may be interested in commenting on it for the benefit of others here.

    I'd appreciate some constructive comment on it/them.

    It solved a problem forme as I have trouble making too many "misses" on my phone key-board and this seems to have solved that problem.

    I seem to have ends of fingers like the toes on an elephant's foot.

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    A friend bought a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard (#K380) for
    use with his smart phone earlier this spring.

    I asked him about it after seeing your post. He replied to
    say he likes the K380, connects easily and works well.



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      Don't use one with my smart phone. It's large enough for me to at least competently do the little typing I do on it. But I use a bluetooth keyboard with my tablet. A very, very good upgrade over the screen keyboard. A single charge will give me almost 2 weeks of use between charges. But running the bluetooth connection is harder on the tablet battery. But the tablet is always closer to an outlet to recharge.

      I should try it with my phone I guess.
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