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  • Sandblaster problem

    I have a Trinity Sandblast cabinet I bought used and it needed a new gun and pickup tube. I bought a kit from Northern Equipment and now it will only work for a few seconds. If I push the nozzle against the wall of the cabinet it will only work for a few seconds then only air comes out. I'm running 100 PSI and it was working fine until the old gun broke. Has anyone had the same problem?

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    Take a close look at the blasting media. Is it absolutely dry? Is its particle size suitable for the new pickup tube and the nozzle orifice?
    Does your compressor provide a steady volume (CFM) sufficient for the nozzle orifice (do you see rapid decline in pressure while blasting)?

    If everything looks good, blame the equipment you bought from NE. You could've gone with Trinity or other reputable equipment.
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      40 is what I've normally run. Other than that, Michael has covered what I would look for.

      1973 SB 10K .
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        Almost certainly moisture causing blockage in the gun. The gun is designed to have a venturi effect near the tip and as the air is compressed going thru the venturi it condenses the air which conpresses the water/moisture also, which in turn dampens the media which then turns into a 'blob' and stops it up!! whew, that was long winded!

        The gun that came with my cabinet from HF just would not work because of this. I had one of those cheap siphon guns designed to just pull media out of a bucket, so I decided to try it in the cabinet and voila!- worked like a charm! so Ive been using that gun for some 4 years now, just change the tip out when needed. Was able to continue using my air system as was and not get into an elaborate drying system for it.

        So, youre gonna have to either get the moisture out of your system or try another gun...

        Edit: I too run about 100psi on my system - but at that pressure its even more apt to condense moisture than with a lower psi, you might first try lowering your pressure as the other guys mentioned.
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          You could have something clogging the siphon tube. I have that happen every now and then when I bead blast something with paint that blows off in flakes.
          A flake of paint will clog the tube.
          Empty the hopper, blow the siphon tube out make sure there isn't anything in the hopper, strain the sand and try again.