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1 In/3 Out Transmission Ideas w/ Clutch

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  • 1 In/3 Out Transmission Ideas w/ Clutch

    Hello All,

    Was open to any ideas about an inexpensive way to provide transmission for 1 input shaft converting to 3 output shafts.
    Would like to transmit 10-20 hp to the output shafts.

    I thought about having 3 shafts tied together with chain. Also about using a gear reducer with 3 outputs.

    Did i miss anything else to divide the output? Also has anyone jury rigged a transaxle to do this? Any advice?

    Thanks ahead of time

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    Well if you were here I would say a cotton picker tranny,two outputs right and left and a third out the back.

    Oh,I know,a Corvair tranny,unsafe at any speed.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      There's engine mounted transmissions designed for driving multiple hydraulic pumps. A local hydraulics supply house can give you the details.

      Transmissions like that are easy to make by sandwiching spur gearing between two plates. Use an automotive clutch and trick up your own shafting. Use a stock bell housing. Boring for precise center distances can be tricky but there's where toolmaker's buttons relly shine.


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        Tractor pullers connect mutiple engines to one output. These transmissions should work both ways, either mutiple input to one output, or one input to multiple output. The designs have evolved from backyard shops.



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          Depends a lot on speeds - at high speeds, a
          toothed belt drives work very well.
          At lower speeds chain works better.

          - Bart
          Bart Smaalders


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            Any Suburu all wheel drive car transmission. one input, three outputs and high/low range selection. Doug


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              Hello Doug,

              Dont get the 3 outputs for Subaru. Understand the hi/lo but not the 3 outputs. Is that with there AWD monitoring system?

              Also wish to run from 3000 to 1000 rpm.


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                Left front, right front and back. First gear.

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                  The famous GMC CCKW two and a half ton(duece and a half) truck of WWII had a transfer case with one input and three outputs (one output facing forward)

                  THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE


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                    Drove many a mile in one of those. Real chattery clutch and driveline. Pop the clutch and you can spin all the back wheels on gravel
                    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                      Alumtuna, I have a Suburu all wheel drive transmission in my junkpile. As Evan said, Input shaft facing forwards(with clutch), Left and right front wheel drives, and one output to the rear end. Five speeds plus low range. If you found a wrecked car you would also get the water cooled flat four engine, 90-100hp. that will easily handle your 30hp per output. Doug