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  • Asia made Chuck quality

    Hiiiim that title might be a contradiction
    When I bought my colchester Master the 3 jaw had tight spot in it, yep it had a crash that damaged the scroll. With a bit of judicial tapping and filing I removed most of it but it will leave a jaw loose if it strikes that part of the scroll. So time for a new chuck I can buy a new one direct from the group 600 but I'd have to sell the lathe to pay for it. Most lathe chucks that a mortal man can afford come from Asia and may even supply the group 600 with there's. The question is how do you identify them it seems to me a manufacturer will put any dam brand name on them that the importer wants like Buck but no manufacturer's name probably made under licence. Some prices are just so cheap it makes you think that you are meant to use it once and throw it away for EG the Zhejiang Yuanpai Machine Tool Accessory Co Ltd advertising a K11 160 3 jaw for $40.00 US good quality yeah right the company I contacted had no knowledge as what a LO backplate was yet they said they are making lathe chucks and hocking the off worldwide scary So does anyone know of a good source I'm basically looking for 8" 3 jaw with an LO back It doesn't have to be top quality as its just for me not a production shop but at the same time a reasonable accuracy is required

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    identifying a quality Asian chuck? if it says Yuasa on it you'll be safe


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      Doe's such a thing exist???????



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        I have a Phase II 6 inch chuck, along with the Phase II 8 inch rotary table and chuck adapter, tailstock, etc. and am well pleased with them.


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          Mcgyver I'm under the impression that Yuasa is Japanese and of really good quality

          Video Man Phase 11 OK who made it can you tell I'd be Happy to go with that recommendation

          JoeLee well I'm hoping so maybe someone has a reference. For eg Buck chucks are made in Asia, the factory who makes them won't be called Buck but no doubt they make and sell their chucks under a different name their own I would of thought


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            I have had a couple of Vertex three jaw chucks and found them quite acceptable for my home workshop use. These were purchased about 8-10 years ago and so quality may have changed (?). Vertex are made in Taiwan and were priced slightly higher than the mainland China-made stuff. I have no idea if you can buy them in NZ.



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              All the Vertex stuff is pretty good.



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                Video Man Phase 11 OK who made it can you tell I'd be Happy to go with that recommendation

                Items are made in China, apparently by one of the better quality providers. Phase II has an American corporate presence, here's their web site:
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                  Originally posted by Kiwi View Post
                  Mcgyver I'm under the impression that Yuasa is Japanese and of really good quality
                  yup.....Japan is part of Asia. I was being a bit of a smart ass.....I did get that what you want wanted was the cheap china stuff


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                    Even a really good bison chuck wont give satisfactory results unless you do all of your machining in a single chucking. If you have to flip a piece around and expect it to be perfect, use a 4 jaw or a 3 jaw with soft jaws machined for your piece.


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                      Some of you may be jumping at shadows. 20 -30 years ago cheap Asian import machine tools and accessories were of miserable quality but now that's not so much the case.

                      look what Stefan Gotteswinter had to say about a budget Asian three jaw chuck he bought not long ago :


                      Stefan found a few things needing improvement and then, instead of whining, he improved them. Now he has a pretty satisfactory three jaw chuck.

                      It was once said that Asian import equipment were no better than assembled kits you had to dismantle and doctor up. Now, yes, a little, but as time passes quality of the once vilified Asian machine tool equipment improves as the price increases.

                      You have to keep updating your prejudices. If you don't keep current with developments your favorite outrages become moot and if you express a 30 year old prejudice, people around you look at each other thinking "What? Rip Van Winkle woke up"

                      Cheap Asian stuff may still be cheap but it is not universally poor quality. Some is pretty good for the dollar. Some even pretty good - comparable with the better Western stuff. The problem as I see it is variable quality QA needs improvement. Out of a batch of 5, 49 meet all specs and you're the one who gets the dud.

                      You gotta be specific and have actual experience with quality issues. Anecdotes swallowed whole and repeated endlessly don't cut it.
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                        Excuse me while I pull this thread slightly sideways...

                        What would be considered "reasonable accuracy" and how would I go about measuring that?

                        I did replace my original garbage 4" 3-jaw chuck with a cheap Chinese 6" 3-jaw, and it's way better than stock. I measured the runout with a dial test indicator at about 0.005" with a chucked ground rod. Seems repeatable. I didn't do anything fancy to mount it, just cut down a backing plate to fit the back recess of the chuck.

                        So, what makes a "reasonable accuracy" chuck? Runout at one particular size? Consistent runout through the entire range? Is there some quality difference in how straight things are held in the jaws... and is there an easy way to measure that? Is the front to back parallelism something to measure? Anything else? Is it better clamping force? What? What makes one chuck better than another, besides the basic runout?

                        How good is the runout on an expensive chuck?

                        I consider my new chuck much superior to the old because I don't have to start with nearly as oversized piece of stock. The original chuck was probably off by 0.05" or worse. What else is an accurate chuck good for? I mean, without marking the #1 jaw and being lucky putting it back in, could you ever pull stock out of a 3-jaw and get it back in without having to worry about the results being off?

                        Just curious,



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                          Hi Guys I bought a Bison chuck (3 Jaw) and its Nice no complaints at all. Its far better than the **** I use at work. Mike


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                            Kiwi, one brand that's not so bad is Zither made in India I think, these are available in the UK from various suppliers, not the very best but quite acceptable. They tend to fall down a it if not gripping over the full length of the jaws.
                            If you want good precision go for TOS made in Checkoslovakia or better Bison made on Poland.
                            Knowledge withheld is knowledge lost


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                              The one that came on the Enco machine I used to have was very good, operated nice and had 3-4 thou runout. I have no idea what make it was.

                              The only other Chinese chuck I've used is a tiny one from Shars, and I'm really happy with it. They state the accuracy of their chucks, and they're built well enough. As shown in Stefan's video, plan on at least disassembling and cleaning before use.

                              I have a bin full of 6" and smaller chucks right now, some of which are Chinese. I haven't used any of them yet but I'll look through them and if any of them are identifiable makes I will mount them up and test them out.
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