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What weight of way oil for minilathe?

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  • What weight of way oil for minilathe?

    I have a 7x12 minilathe and would like to try using a proper way oil. I'm in Canada and so far have not been able to find Vactra 2. Tavers will not bring it into Canada. I see that KBC carries EEZ way oils in a number of weights (10,20,30,40,50). This oil only comes in gallon sizes so I'd like to get the correct one right off the bat. Can anyone tell me which weight of this way oil would be most appropriate for my minilathe? Thanks in advance.

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    I picked up a gallon of EEZ way oil from KBC the other day. They only seem to stock SAE 40, which works great for my lathe, but your mini lathe could probably use a little lighter oil say 20 or even 10 WT. Why not use a air tool oil on your ways.


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      Using air tool oil instead of way oil is a new one to me. Can you explain further why this is a good substitute? Thanks


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        It’s also a high-grade lubricant, which prevent sludge or varnish formation and without all these detergents you find in car oils, and a lot more convenient to buy from CTC. Again, your small lathe does not need a super heavy-duty oil to carry the carriage. If you feel better about it, order a gallon of 20WT way oil from KBC it’s only $25