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    The thread on sourcing small boring bars reminded me that I've been meaning to post this. A while back I saw an interesting lot of boring bars coming up at a distant auction. There seemed to be at least a hundred in a couple boxes, and I am sorely lacking in boring bars. Since I wasn't able to inspect the lot, and a bit risk-averse/cheap, I had to be somewhat conservative. I figure I'm pushing it whenever I bid higher than the many people who have actually physically inspected something.

    As the lot reached $55, I asked a friend if he wanted to split them, and how high we might go. He agreed. We got the whole bunch for $75 after fees. I was happy. I looked up the business that had closed. The photos showed a spotless jig grinding shop that suggested these might be really nice. It seemed that we had gotten all of the non-insert bars in this small shop. At that moment, I rather greedily regretted splitting them. But a deal is a deal, and by splitting them I had also spread the risk. Besides, how much more capacity for boring do I need?

    We each got approximately 70 bars in our half, plus the carbide in the boxes and a number of Bokum bars. They are in great condition. In the shop photos I think I saw them all carefully arranged on drilled wood boards. Whoever ground these, especially the tiny ones, was very skilled. Here's my half of the loot, with a quarter in the middle for scale.

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    Yep, you suck.
    North Central Arkansas


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      Definitely gloat worthy!
      Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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        Sucks to you and your hoarde of pristine jig borer bars, I bet you was sorry you had to split them, greedy buggers us shop monsters aren't we, I got more hammers than a herd of angry octopuses could swing.
        I made a little bar out of an old Cummings valve recently to gouge out a circlip groove, those old valves are tough buggers, well worth keeping some for that, and free is as cheap as you can get
        Nice pile


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          OMG.... This deserves a big you suck! I was the guy asking about small boring bars in the other thread.



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            A few years ago, someone had some small Bokum bars for sale on P.M. I bought some and fell in love with them. Mine are High Speed Steel bars. Sweet little bars. Five dollars each was a steal.



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              Good buy . The way to make money is in buying. You can only sell something for what someone will pay but if you didn't pay to much to buy it you will be ahead.