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Atlas 7B shaper 3 phase question

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  • Atlas 7B shaper 3 phase question

    Hello all, I just had an atlas 7B shaper follow me home....

    It was wired for 3 phase using a phase converter. The motor on it is the origional atlas 1/2 horse 3 phase.
    My problem is that the previous owner did not know what voltage his phase converter was working at. The motors name plate, see below, says "208-220/440"
    thus I dont know how its wired, see below.
    I will be using a VFD that puts out 208 three phase. Is the wiring correct or what do I need to change?

    There are 4 wire nuts, nine atlas wires with colored bands and metal ident numbers, and the three modern plastic coated wires supplying the original three phase.

    First wire nut: atlas wire-light green band #4
    atlas wire-yellow band #6
    atlas wire-no band #5

    Second wire nut: atlas wire-black band #1
    atlas wire-green band #7
    modern plastic wire white in color to three phase

    Third wire nut: atlas wire-red band #8
    atlas wire-brown band #2
    modern plastic wire red in color to three phase

    Fourth wire nut: atlas wire-blue band #9
    atlas wire-white band #3
    modern plastic wire black in color to three phase

    I can only assume that voltage changes have to do with the wires in the FIRST WIRE NUT?

    Please advise...

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    Looks like a parallel wye which is for low voltage, in your case 208-240.

    If it were high voltage, that wire nut with three motor wires would not be there, the incoming wires would each connect only to ONE wire, and there would be some wire nuts with just two motor wires in them.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      call Clausing
      they may still have the original paper work
      George from Conyers Ga.
      The early bird gets the worm, BUT it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.


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        What J. Tiers said, here's a diagram:


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          With Leads 4,5 & 6 tied together the motor is wired low voltage aka 220.


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            Everybody here was very helpfull. What you said was spot on!! Thanks all.
            That link was very informative. Thanks.


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              Machine looks to be in very nice condition. Original cast belt guards. Complete w/vise, at least one correct shaper tool holder and one wrench. Nice table.

              Do you already have the manual?



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                I don't know what's in the manual but it came with two reprint books. One came from clusing and has the usual safety dribble and vague setup suggestions for different kinds of cuts. It also has a parts list. That ones about 20 pages.
                In that book it has atlas part numbers for the belts. The belts on the machine are atlas but are so old they are dried up and all cracked. Possibly original???
                It came out of a school. I'm the third owner.😀

                I only have one tool holder,pictured. I surly could use some more. Hint hint. I also need some type of boreing bar setup to make internal splined holes. For that app I've seen a few YouTube videos where the clapper was used in one and not used in another. Is the clapper needed for an internal spline operation?
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                  Belts are easy.

                  My Atlas 7B came fitted w/ a Dunlop FHP 1280 PM and a 1320 PM. I replaced these w/ Gates Truflex 2270 (Industry Number: 6827; aka 4L270; 1/2" x 27") and 2320 (IN#: 6332; aka 4L320; 1/2" x 32").

                  I am betting you stand a good chance of picking up generic 4L270 & 4L320 belts in the furnace belt section of your nearest megastore. However, I prefer to hold out for the Truflex or equiv - I turned away from the others as they moved offshore and became tougher/less flexible.

                  A quick search will turn up a manual. Mine came with an original, but I have seen copies on line. Check Vintage, a site I have found quite helpful (and have happily made donations to.)

                  Not going to be helpful about tools, hoarding mine.



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                    Here is a link to a vintage Armstrong Tool Holder catalog


                    Printed page 17 shows the Extension Shaper Tool useful for internal keyways.



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                      Motor won't start.
                      I hooked it up to a mitsubishi VFD that I know works.
                      I wired it just like the pics and description that I gave at the beginning of this thread.

                      How do I test the motor to verify it's good? Remember it has NINE wires and no ground wire


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                        Did you get the motor issue cleared up?