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Anyone KNow about EZ-GO electric carts?

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  • Anyone KNow about EZ-GO electric carts?

    I bought a electric cart at the auction.

    It has the battery charged, but will not pull.. The gear off the motor seems to be stripped.

    Are you able to get parts? SHould I just install that 750 honda engine and a go cart axle?

    (About bursted my heart unloading the rascal by myself.)


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    I am going to build a stinking tilt bed trailer, hopefully with Bobby's money.

    Not going through today again, A 97 Chrysler Intrepid broke the home-made ramps on the car trailer, dropping nearly on my foot *(I was steering standing beside it)


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        Hey IBEW, That looks smart enough and classy enough to take a HD mill transplant.
        Look at all that empty space on the back to put the bits on as they fall off
        Save the Honda for something useful like a generator

        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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          Your being from the land of the "Morgan" I'd expect such from you.

          We got a 113" S&S evo that I want to build a morgan copy..



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            How about this one? I just bought the plans.

            be a lot easier to load machinery and cars onto.

            He is going to provide the steel, axles and materiels, I provide the know-how and welding.

            Mount a real warn winch on the front. No more pulling on a come-a-long in the Georgia heat.



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              I finally got the SIX batteries for mine. Runs great! I think later on I'll convert the front to two-wheels.

              Here's a couple to sites I used to get parts for mine. I don't think they sell the trans internal parts though. You might have to call them and ask. They do sell motors.


              Here's mine.


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                Have I got the deal for you.. I bought this cart for very little. No doors.. Used by a sleeping night watchman.. You'd have to bring me the obligatory twelvepack of beer thou.



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                  Ooooooh, I see a beauty in the making. If I weren't up to my neck in projects now, I'd go up there and pick that up. I may have a couple of Wood's Grasshoppers (Lawnmowers) to get running soon.

                  Here's how mine started life.


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                    I started writing down my projects, From the abandoned 54 ford mainline to the lathe HF-4" rotary indexer tool-holder, and I counted 60 right off.

                    Heavy stress sometimes, and people expect me to be 18 years old again. I used to pick up small block chevy engines and walk with them. Now I just kinda drag them around and it hurts me. I can still tote my own weight, but the things I have been moving lately outweigh me.

                    Notice the ditch witch next to the easygo? it is a simple fix and then I can use it as long as I like. Needs a battery and a drive chain to the hyd pump.

                    Kinda rough just getting the yard mowed before it gets knee high.
                    TVA automation job calls in the morn, a hour an 1/2 there, again home and ten on the job wears me out. Shutdown starts this week, then it is pink slip time again. Maybe I'll get caught up then.



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                      I looked at that tilt trailer and it looks pretty good, except for one thing I would redesign. The tilt mechanism is all wrong.
                      I believe it would easily overload the tongue capasity of the ball hitch. It would be so much better if it had a kickstand to support the tongue. Remember the capasity of even the class III hitch is only 600lbs and the class IV only to 1200lbs. Once that tilt trailer ramp touches the ground the load on that hitch would quickly become too much.


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                        Spence.. I did a limiter on the last tilt trailer I built. It stopped the trailer from going down anymore.

                        That'd stop it from lifting the wheels and pressing all the weight onto the hitch.

                        I have one drawed up that the axles move on like a semi truck or like rollback channels move on the rollers, it lays down too.

                        With moveable axles you could load the trailer then shift the load under the trailer to load the truck hitch as much as you wanted. We find sometimes nearly lifting the front wheels off the ground on the tow vehicle. Especially a short one like a bronco 4x4.

                        David.. (home sick, gonna have to see a creepy doctor)


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                          David. I used to work on EZ-Go carts when I worked for Crown Lift Trucks.
                          Call them at (770) 381-4999 and ask for the parts dept. Have model and serial number handy. Ask if they stock parts. If they don't, they can get them.