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table power feed Bridgeport J head

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  • table power feed Bridgeport J head

    Just bought a nice 1964 Bridgeport J head mill with vise and super spacer for a $g. Got it moved into the shop . Hooked up the static phase convertor, mill runs in both directions like it should.

    Power feed electrical switch box (on side of the power feed itself, 2" square box) was loose, so I tightened everything up. The wires in the on/off switch on the power feed were only partially hooked up.

    The Factory reset box on the back of the mill has a 4 wire cable running from it to the on/off switch box on the 1/8 hp 220 3 ph power feed . (standard 3 ph red,black,white,green wires) Can y'all help me hook the wires up right?

    Wow, what a bummer. Went to post pics of the mill and the wiring and the site doesn't allow it ???? Any one know why? Or can I email them to a "real" member and they can post them for me?

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