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  • Time for an update

    It's been quite a while since I last checked the forum. I am now living in Victoria, BC. I have a really decent trailer park to live in that is close to everything I need on a regular basis. As soon as I got here I bought myself a really high quality electric assisted bike and have been riding it far more than driving anywhere. The bike trails here are superb, better than any I have seen anywhere, even in Europe. It is like a fully separate highway for the bikes and part of it runs right through this trailer park. I can whip down to the grocery store faster than I can drive there with a return trip of only five klics.

    This is the bike I have. It is designed right here in Vancouver and I have talked to them about this machine. They gave me full specs as well as the complete manual that allows me to hack the controller to increase the maximum speed to much higher than the local laws permit. Nice group there <grin>. I don't really want to go faster but it made it possible to increase the motor power to a full horsepower and a bit more. The motor is buried in the main crank housing and has torque sensing so it matches the assist to what you want from 20% to 100%, which you can easily set while riding. Or, you can just turn it off and it rides just like a regular bike. The frame is all aluminum with standard wheels so it is no hassle if you need to do tire repair. With the max power it can get across a big intersection in a real hurry. I have made left turns in front of oncoming traffic that hit the brakes hard because they figure they are going to run me down. Boy are they surprised when I am out of their way so fast. It has full battery range of at least 50 klics and only weighs 50 pounds. It wasn't cheap though.

    I am no longer doing machining and it looks like that is no longer a part of my life, at least not where I live. But, I have better things to do now.

    1: My Hep C is gone for good, period.

    2: No more strokes and not ever likely.

    3: I am in top physical condition and have put on ten pounds of solid muscle. I have been riding the bike in zero assist much of the time and as much as over 100 klics per month. My resting heart rate is around 60 bpm, equal to top physical condition. BMI of 19.

    And the best is for last. I am back to school at University of Victoria. This is now a top school recognized all over the world in many areas of study and research.

    I attended a lecture last Wednesday by a Prof that just took a trip to Mount Everest to study the brains of monks that have lived all their lives at extreme altitudes. He did EEG recording on all of them at a large monastery and talked about all of this in the lecture. What he had to say was amazing. After the lecture I managed to have a chat with him and showed him a bit of the work I have done in analyzing my own MRI's. When he saw some of my work he said "I WANT YOU".

    Last Saturday I got an e-mail from him and this is part of what is in it:
    "From what you have told me you have an incredible set of skills we would be foolish to waste. And if we can't use them, I can promise you we can find someone that would love your experience. But please let me take first pass at it.
    Labs like mine are always looking for help and we always consider everyone. As I said, your skill set offers something we do not usually see, but something that could be huge for us (and you).
    I am a bit worried about the "huge for us (and you)" part. I wonder just what he has in mind that will be "huge" for me. I am volunteering my time and will be working in the top end neurology lab in the very latest field of neurology, Neuroeconomics. I am going to be busy dealing with a bunch of post grad students, that's for sure. I have a lot of work to do updating my math skills. How they analyse brain operation is now all about math and calculating the degree of conditioned and unconditioned neurological response when the brain must make any type of decision, which is of course constantly, every second of the day. The "economics" part is about how the brain decides what is at every moment the most "cost effective" way to deal with anything that is happening in the body and in a person's life. This is going to be a blast, that much I know. It may well even involve machining to some degree to help build some of the very special EEG equipment they use. He was amazed at my CAD-CAM skills. He is also very interested in my computer graphics skills, especially in 3D. I have been messing with 3D a lot and have all the equipment I need to create 3D presentations for conferences and such. I will be starting work there most likely in the next week or two.

    It is hard for me to believe the turn my life is taking. Now I will be working in a top Neurology lab at a top University. Incredible.

    I neglected to mention that living at sea level has totally cured my breathing malfunction. It worked exactly like I thought it would. The possibility of my unique treatment method saving the lives of many children is now much stronger. That makes me feel very good. It is now in front of people at the university. That may be the "huge" for me part. But, I do not want recognition. I want it to work the way I think it can.
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    Good to hear from you Evan and as always I learn from your posts!


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      Excellent news!

      It's strange that just when we have everything figured out life comes along and makes a big change.
      Happy for you that your change is a good one.
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        Best wishes for everything in the future, Evan! It sounds like you have a new lease on life! I hope it's a long one.
        Kansas City area


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          I should also mention that for now I am not going to be spending much time on here. I have a lot of work to do and at this point I am already spending far too much time staring at a computer and stressing my brain hard. I need to update a lot of things in my brain that I haven't accessed for a very long time. Time to go into deep memory refresh mode. (already am)
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            Geez, Evan! It sounds like you are doing just great! I sure like the positive vibe, I can almost feel it from here. You're actually not that far from me. I'm in Port Townsend, just across the straits from Victoria.

            Wow, just grab that opportunity with both hands and go for it!! Fantastic!!

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              Interesting read! Best wishes in all endeavers!


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                Nice bike!
                Glad things are working out well for you.

                My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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                  There is just one thing that kind of sucks. Because of my inability to breath properly at any altitude higher than about 2000 feet there is no way I will be able to go with the lab on next year's visit to the Andes, similar to the Everest trek. Oh well, I will stay at the lab and be their home contact I guess. I could be looking a bit too far ahead on this but I strongly suspect I am going to get along well with all of them. We shall see. The prof has told me he has a bunch of techie types in his lab so I know I will get along with them just fine. We think the same way.
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                    It's nice to hear things are looking up for you. That's quite a bike. It's no big surprise you had to tweak it.

                    If you would be Great it you would leave a link to your web site, showing some of your past work and ideas. You've had a ton of good info. and ideas.

                    Thanks and wish you the best.



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                      Evan, you found your calling! Congratulations, can't wait to read your published works in a medical journal down the road! Nice bike too!


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                        Great news Evan! It gives hope to those of us that are "stuck in a rut" that something bad in life may turn into something good with a little luck & hard work.

                        Please try to visit here & enlighten us when you make those astounding breakthroughs we all know you'll make in the future.

                        Good luck buddy!

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                          Evan, it's really great to hear how well things have turned out and how good you are doing!
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                            Good hearing from you Evan,glad to see you catching some good breaks for a change!
                            I just need one more tool,just one!


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                              Cool bike and great news - you always set yourself up for new challenges and that's why your doing so well,

                              does not surprise me the professor see's all the potentials with you and yes wait a go on hopping up the steed for more ponies...