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C40 -- what is it?

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  • C40 -- what is it?

    the short story: i left the states and setup a small mechanics shop in the italian foothills. small mill and lathe with plenty of 'odd jobs' (literally!) make'n parts for tractors and vespas and sick farm animals.

    i found a steel supplier but all the names are in 'european' standard. I can't find the equivalent of my good old A2, M2 or S7.

    can't find anything in my handbooks either (apart from lists and lists and lists of chemistry recipes).

    anyone know what C40 is? thats what my supplier claims is "all 'round good to work with -- machineable" (only he says it in italian)

    don't know what i would've done with you folks.

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    Machinery's Handbook has the standardized alloy numbers within the "materials" section. We tend to use the shorter M-42, T15, etc. over here because we are lazy or it is easier to remember than the long form.