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Mitutoyo quill readout?

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  • Mitutoyo quill readout?

    I'm stacking up some parts as I get ready to reassemble the head to my Exacto mill, and one of the things I want is another quill DRO. I have a Mitutoyo on the Grizzly mill, and it's proven to be both very accurate and extremely long lived as far as the batteries are concerned. (I've had it over a decade and I'm only on either my second or possibly third battery.)

    I'd like to buy another, but I keep hearing stories about counterfeit Mits turning up. On the plus side, I'm told even the counterfeits tend to be pretty accurate, but on the con side, sometimes the battery life can be measured in months- in one case, weeks.

    Looking around at the easy sources like eBay and Amazon, there seems to be a pretty huge range of prices for what appears to be the exact same item. (Same photo, same description, etc.) From a high of about $350 to as low as $125 (I seem to recall paying around $200 for the one I have now.)

    So a couple of questions:

    One, who's a good, reliable dealer to buy from?

    Two, what are the chances, if I bought a middle-of-the-road-price item from eBay, that I'd get a counterfeit?

    And three, what's MSRP on these things?

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    Buy from a reputable dealer and not off fleabay if you want the real deal.
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      MSC MSRP $339.00, Currently $271.20 with 30% off promo code.



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        Bought one from EBay a couple of years ago..... Turned out to be a counterfeit.... Buy from a reputable company but even then, be sure it's the real deal.


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          I bought this one over a year ago. Works fine and just changed the original battery that came with it.