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Proth PSGS-618 Operations and Parts manual for 1985 manual surface grinder

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  • Proth PSGS-618 Operations and Parts manual for 1985 manual surface grinder

    Hi Guys, my name is Gordon and I am new to this site. I am 61yo and have retired due to bad health. The retirement was a forced situation after a stint in ICU and quite honestly the most devastating loss has been rubbing shoulders with my workmates and the too and fro of the workplace. I have been in the Power Generation business my entire working career so know nothing else really. I have always had a passion for things mechanical and have been setting up my own workshop with a lathe, Turret Mill, welding machines, surface grinder, surface plate, drill press etc and really enjoy getting out there and learning. I live in a semi-rural area of NSW in Australia and have retired in this region as we love it but also as we are central to our 6 kids. I have been buying old machinery and giving it a new lease of life, learning alot from Youtube videos by some really great tradesmen who make regular posts. I find restoring old machinery makes me understand how the machine is put together and works but in doing so I always have so many questions and in some respects would like to meet some like minded folks who would be willing to be a support network for me so I can make friends and also have a bouncing board for my questions. If you fit that bill then I would love to hear from you.
    My latest restoration is a Taiwanese Proth PSGS-618 surface grinder. It has ball rolling ways which I have not seen before amongst other things. I would dearly love to get my hands on an Operations and Parts manual for it so if anyone out there has such a copy I and would like to share it with me I would be most grateful. I have made inquiries to Proth Head Office but they have replied and said they no longer carry any. I am more than happy to pay for the manual or copying and postage to Australia.
    Ok guys, well take it easy and hope to hear from some of you soon
    Best regards

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    Welcome aboard Gordon.


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      Welcome Gordon,

      It appears we have much in common. I worked in the power generation field for 35+ years. Retired in 2010 and missed my work and most of my coworkers terribly. I collect/buy old machinery and tooling and rebuild/refurbish it on the side. I also pickup small machining and fabricating jobs from time to time. This is a great forum, tons of highly skilled craftsman willing to share you'll have fun. I will send you a PM shortly, take care