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Fixed my 9 X 20 lathe apron.

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  • Fixed my 9 X 20 lathe apron.

    Thought I might update my problem with my Jet lathe. Couldn't engage the threading lever, removed the apron and found an amazing amount of swarf one particularly large chunk in the cam that closes the half nuts. Used the opportunity to do some cleaning and more importantly lubricate the worm and some gears. Considering how easy o job it is, I will do it again on some TBD schedule. Bob.

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    It's good to hear it was a simple fix and thanks for getting back to us with how you remedied the situation.
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      If you can, please post some pictures of the innards of the apron for the benefit of those who have the same or similar lathes. I have a HF 9x20. Glad you were able to identify and fix the problem easily. That may inspire me to do some similar disassembly, cleaning, lube, adjustment, and tweaking of my lathe.
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        Yes, please post instructions.
        I've trying to remember how I took mine apart years ago since the question first popped up here...

        I'm sure I'd remember if I had one in front of me, but traded it off 6 years ago, so now it's just bugging me.


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          Glad you fixed it. Swarf was suspected by several of us, so not too surprising.
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            The problem may be related to swarf in the groove/s of the lead-screw as well as the half-nut/s (sometimes there is only one half nut - not two).

            Quite often the swarf is carried into the saddle and dropped onto the half nut/s by the "screwing" or "mincer" action of a lead-screw that is not engaged with the lead-screw.

            Eventually the groove in the lead-screw and/or half nut/s will fill with swarf to the extent that the lead-screw will not operate for screwing or feeding.

            Lead-screw covers are available commercially to suit many lathes and they didn't seem to be too expensive.

            It is a good idea to replace the half nuts too at the same time - for pretty well obvious reasons.