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Tool or machine to cut moss efficiently?

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    Works for animal moss, might work for veg moss?? JR


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      AS mentioned by Moxie it seems to be lichen, possibly the rubberised lichen sold for railway modellers in HO scale to simulate bushes. One way to make it firmer and easier to cut by some methods is to freeze it though too low a temperature might make it all shatter. Experiment worthwhile.


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        Build your art backwards. Place the pretty side of the moss downward into a shallow tray of water, and freeze it. Scrape the backside flat, thaw and drain water, while leaving moss in tray. Coat your backer board in glue, and drop it on the back of the moss.



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          Hello again. Thank you for all the suggestions. Here's an update on the lichen project. I started with EddyCurr's idea with the rotary cutter and self-healing mat. The process was indeed more efficient but after a while I still felt like I haven't reached the best solution for the cutting process.

          @Moxiedad2001 - yes you are absolutely right. These are lichen's, not moss and educated myself on them after reading your post. Very much appreciated.

          @JRouche - What's the name of the tool and where can I buy one?

          Furthermore, if anyone is willing to build something for me, similar to what EddieCurr suggested using sheet metal for the blade to cut the bottom portion of the lichen, and using a frame to hold the moss, I would be willing to pay you for your services and materials. I will provide the lichen for you.



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              How about one of these?

              Take off the wheels and the handles. Motorize and mount the mechanism on blocks on your bench so that you can fill a try with your moss and slide it under to be nicely clipped.

              Incidently, although this type of machine is recognised as a lawn mower they were originally developed for clipping fabric.