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    I know this has been coverered before, but I'm still having problems. For background, I' m 80 and was dragged into the computer age kicking and screaming, therefore still struggling. I have a photobucket account, have no problem selecting a pic and generating a link. How do I get an IPad to insert a pic? I need specific directions for an IPad. Many thanks, Bob

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    You don't have to be over 80 years of age, but good luck trying to dance through the WELLS FARGO crap I've been receiving: change of card types, reward sums of $24.99, ( but can't kick over to target sum of $25.00, .01 penny short, sorry), new card style/color because we want you to enjoy being among the few who pay your CC debt on time-- sign here to move your debts from competitor banks to us without a hassle, and on and on----------

    Plus their pee poor, local parking lot with a traffic flow pattern design by real dipp****z.


    Keep plugging Mr. Fisher, it took me more than one try to post a picture, a long time ago.


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      Maybe connect the Ipad to PB and upload the pic .. then do it like you normally would.
      John Titor, when are you.