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    Originally posted by garagemark View Post
    Was there only three weeks ago. It rivals any museum I have ever seen, including the Smithsonian.

    As an aside, I had a long chat with one of the attendants watching over the cylinder head mill area (your second picture). He was explaining the machine operating concept, and how often the facing tools had to be replaced during a shift. He told me that this was long before carbide, and that they had quite a shop set up for sharpening all their tools. I then showed him the carbide face mill on the display (you have a fine shot of it as well). If what he said was true, the display was not a tool used in that era. But I have NOT fact checked what he said about carbide tools per se.

    Anyway, It cannot all be seen in a day trip. We'll most certainly go back again.
    I don't know if anyone caught it, but the very first picture shows a stationary steam engine with the head removed, an insitu boring mill bolted to the head flange, which is powered by a smaller steam engine. These things had to keep running to keep the factory going, fixing it on the spot was much easier.
    I believe the mill and grinder were donated to the museum.