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  • Reloading Press Work

    I have a press, that is designed for swaging bullets. Oddly, the top of the press casting has not been machined. So, I've been trying to come up with a way to true the top, relative to the threaded die hole. The press has a baked on wrinkle type finish, which is secondary to the need for it to be square.

    Threading an insert isn't a problem, boring a hole as a guide in the insert isn't a problem. But some form of a cutter to true off the top has me stumped.

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    Make a mandrel in the lathe that will fit the ram hole in the press frame. Make it long enough to go right through and be supported by a live center in the tail stock. Then face off the top of the press frame.

    Been there done that. Worked very well, just like facing the top of a steam engine column.

    1973 SB 10K .
    BenchMaster mill.


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      Put a swage die in the hole in the top.put that in the lathe chuck or collet. Support the other end with a live center in the tailstock. Face off the mounting surface. It is then square to the ram and swage die threads. Mount the press on the mill, bolting the mounting surface to the mill table or riser block. Face or end mill the top of the press.

      Pete beat me to it while I was typing. His method is more direct, but generally the same idea.
      Kansas City area


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        I bought a huge Boyes- Emmes lathe from the sales manager of Bliss Press & he gave me the tour of the biggest machines I've ever seen, when done we were walking back & a guy was working on a small tiny little press & he said I bet you can't guess what that is. It was a reloading press if I remember a Hornady.


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          Great ideas guys, thanks!