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Samsung - recall history

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  • Samsung - recall history

    I had a feeling that there was more to Samsung's recalls than just the recall of one of their mobile phones recently (as addressed at:

    I didn't want to reopen the thread on Samsung mobile phones as I wanted to see what other recalls Samsung had had in (of which it seems there have been quite a few) in the recent past and to address it in a separate post/thread:

    It seems that Samsung has a bit of history in such matters with quite number of legacy items.
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    Samsung is a Giant Conglomerate. They make many, many different lines of products.

    If you make 100 different product lines, you are bound to have occasional engineering mistakes. Heck, Ford makes a handful of recall worthy errors each year.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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      But it may cause some concern amongst women as a lot of failed stuff is pretty well in their domain. That would be a concern to Samsung as it may take a lot to repair the results of those concerns and any such losses of confidence (and buying?) would be significant.
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