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3d print lathe dog

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  • 3d print lathe dog

    I needed a 10mm lathe dog to turn a pulley on a skinny, 10mm arbor.

    Made the arbor, supported on centers, glued the pulley stock round onto the arbor (shaft) using super glue.

    Only dog I had was about 3" diameter cast iron.

    I needed a little one, and didn't want to wait for tool supplier to ship, nor, for that matter, to even go to the trouble to look a part number.

    So I modeled up the lathe headstock, less chuck (D1-4), and a dog that would enter into a chuck retainer hole, drew it up using Cubify Design, printed the dog and its clamp. The two holes take 1/4-20 HHMS, taking 1/4" lock washers and nuts.

    Place pieces of sandpaper between the jaws to grip the shaft.

    Works great.

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    That will have been an entertaining use of skills and resources.

    Well done.



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      Can your set-up print an approximation of the threads? Or do you still have to resort to tapping these?

      Edit: On rereading, I see nuts were employed. In time, in time ...


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        Didn't happen without pictures


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          Three WOOFS for the lathe dog.
          Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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            Originally posted by elf View Post
            Didn't happen without pictures
            First, Cubify Design does facilitate creating threads, internal or external, of whatever profile.

            One creates a profile and then uses a helix cut or helix extrude to create the thread.

            I happen to use Makerware, which has no problem printing such a thing.

            As to the pictures, here is a video, for the faithless.


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