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rfc question, can't find a large motor

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  • rfc question, can't find a large motor

    I can't find a ten horse motor for cheap. I have two fives available.
    Can I couple them and get ten hp.? Would the wiring be different?

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    I bought my 10HP RFC all new for $225. The guy works for a commercial heating/cooling company & when they up size a system they were throwing the motors away. I can see if he has one, it will have the shaft already cut & be 1725 rpm. Not sure what shipping would be. He makes them as good or better than most factories do & they look as good. I have a 7.5 HP I'll give you if it will work & you cover shipping. Ebay sells the rest of the system for a 10HP CNC rated for $189/shipped. eBay item number:300526178147


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      I see no problem coupling them together in parallel for this purpose. Lots of motors get paralleled this way, mostly when using a VFD so they all run the same speed, as on a conveyor line.


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        Two RPC idlers work fine.

        In small shops having several three phase machines run from a not-too-adequate RPC, it's common practice to start the motor of an unused machines to run idle as it supplys extra third leg power to run the largest motor.
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