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    Hi all. I just found a place to get cheap (price not product) VFD. I am going to get one tomorrow. A 1Hp 220 single phase in 3 out for $350 out the door. Can also get a 2Hp same thing for $425 out the door Canadian!! They are made by Telemecanique which is a very reputable company. If anyone wants me to get them one let me know. I will get it tomorrow and find out how it is.

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    You can get Hitachi for a lot less than that (but maybe not in Canada). A 1 HP Hitachi will cost you around $220 ($290 CD ??). Their 2 HP is only $249. They are not derated for single phase input like some VFDs are. Their manuals and support info is easy to get and very good. They have very flexible control inputs and outputs.


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      How does that compare with Dealer's Electric:

      Teco-Westinghouse Fluxmaster 100 AC Inverter

      FM100-201-N1 1 HP US $182 Cdn $240

      FM100-202-N1 2 HP US $246 Cdn $324

      FM100-203-N1 3 HP US $295 Cdn $398

      FM100-205-N1 5 HP US $379 Cdn $500

      Do you have to pay duty?

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        Well maybe not such a great deal. Everywhere I went around here they wanted $700 for them. I would have to pay duty from the states so it would work out the same price. At least I know I am not getting screwed.


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          Too bad about the duty thing.

          Some years ago I had a chance at a nearly new 4" Czech HBM in Mexico and a friend of mine was coming back from there empty; said he'd haul it for the fuel - about $300 at the time. The duty whipped me and I've never found a deal like that since. Wah!!!


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            What happens when you get a good deal on eBay, do you have to pay duty on those purchases also?


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              You still pay duty. It is about $20 for just the paperwork. Sometimes you can get around it if the seller writes "gift" on the package.


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                My experience on stuff into Canada is that if you use US Post to send it, you will NOT pay a "brokerage fee" scam like UPS and FedEx do, and you may or may not pay provincial and Gouge and Screw Tax when the package arrives. No duty if the item is American made, and PROBABLY no duty anyway.


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                  Jim Davies is correct, there is no duty on american made stuff, and I believe there is around 10% duty on asian stuff. If shipped via USPS to Canada, there is a $5 can. handling fee, plus the gst (7% of items value)Never get anything shipped internationally by UPS, Fedex, etc, they have obsene brokerage fees, and have more than once charged me twice for the same thing.