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Anyone ever cut Rubber with a bandsaw ?

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    I have cut rubber sheet 1/2" in a band saw and round on a lathe.

    With the sheet I found it worked better when I had a helper keep the cut side open just a touch to keep it from pinching the blade.

    Fo rounds I have cut frozen and thawed.. JR

    FYI, I also have had great luck with a new utility knife (razor) and a straight edge clamped down so my hands were outta the way. Multiple passes was a must and easier if again, the cut was opened a lil. I just let it droop off the edge of the table..


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      Originally posted by Beazld View Post
      I have cut horse stall mats with a utility knife and strait edge. You can use a little WD40 for lube. It cuts pretty easy. Don't over think it.
      Exactly! This is how the pros do it. They do use SHARP blades though.
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        I don't know about pros, but that's exactly how I cut new tops for my rolling chests from the Tractor Supply horse stall mats. New blade in the box knife, metal guide and maybe a minute for a 36" cut.


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          No mat, but have cut plenty of tires up with a sawzall using bimetal blades. Doesn't take much time at all to do, and no real trouble with binding. I use some of the tread for a few odd projects, but mostly it's just much cheaper than paying $3-$5 to dispose of them.


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            Jigsaw with wavy blade and clamped fence. 4-6" per second easy, cuts are clean and square. If you ever have to cut a polystyrene water drum, same blade.