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  • 3D Mouse.

    Decided I need to be dragged screaming into the 20 century so going to have a look at Fusion 360 as a 3D CAD program.

    Asking one question only, so please note and read.

    Any advise on a decent mouse to use ? USB preferably as the keyboard is wireless.

    Currently using a Logitech track ball which is nice as I'm used to it but it doesn't scroll or rotate.

    Answers from Fusion 360 users will obviously be of more use to me.


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    In 2009, I bought a SpaceNavigator by 3Dconnexion to use with SketchUp. They come in USB and wireless models, and there is a driver for Fusion360 (see There are fancier models that may be useful for professionals who design all day long, but I've never felt the need to upgrade. In 8 years, I've never had a problem with it.

    After initial setup, it took only a few hours of use for 3D "flying" to become completely natural and instinctive. I'm not even aware that I'm doing it. It completely revolutionized 3D design for me. I wouldn't even consider doing without it. Go for it! You won't look back.


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      I have a spaceNavigator as well. I have not tried it with CAD but used it with GIS (geographic information systems). I will vouch that it was well made and had a good feel to it. The one I have is about 7 years old so not sure if they have changed.



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        Originally posted by John Stevenson View Post
        Decided I need to be dragged screaming into the 20 century
        John does someone you know have a time machine that they are dragging you into?
        It has been the 21st Century for several years now.



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          Never used a 3d mouse, don't know what I am missing. John Saunders on Youtube tried them out for Fusion and he ultimately elected to use a standard mouse.


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            +1 for 3dconnexion, their products are all great quality and fairly easy to setup and use. 3d mice/space balls are like many other things in life - once you have one you never want to be without.
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              Have 3DConnexions mouse and the 3D mouse also, absolutely love them with Solidworks and wouldn't want to work without them! It took me an hour to hone my 3D mouse skills so it became just an extension of my hand, now it feels like grabbing a real object in my hand when zooming/panning/rotating the work on the screen No more sore fingers from scrolling a normal mouse wheel or learning 10k different key shortcuts just to be limited to what someone else coded into those keys.

              The first time with the 3D mouse I was a bit too "rough" and zoomed way out/in or rotated too much, until my hand got used to the normal speed in 5 minutes. And it has a "fit" button if you don't know where your work went

              I'm using the wired USB model, don't like changing/charging batteries and I also later got the travel version, as the desktop version weighs in at 600-700 grams and is big but comfortable.

              If not already, I suggest checking out the 3D mouse videos from Youtube.
              Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.


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                I use the 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro and love it. I also use the Navigator on my laptop.

                That is with Fusion and many other programs also. Not just CAD.
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                  Another vote for the 3Dconnexion navigator


                  Works great with fusion 360 / solidworks / sketchup / etc...

                  FYI - i was given a spacepilot enterprise at work recently but didn't like it as much primarily because i found it uncomfortable to use. Gave it back and got the navigator out. It sits on an old large-ish foam mouse-mat which gives just enough padding to protect the wrist.


                  edit : also agree with others here that within an hour or so it becomes completely natural and you'll wonder how you ever used a 3d piece of software without one...
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                    I have the SpaceNavigator as well and like it, one at home and one at the office. I don't like the large space ships they also offer as I have enough clutter already on my desk.

                    I have a wired version on my docking station. If I would use my laptop in various places for CAD work I might consider the wireless version.
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                      M570 Logitec tracker ball has scroll facility and is wi-fi

                      Regards Ian.
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                        Originally posted by batt-man View Post
                        Another vote for the 3Dconnexion navigator


                        Works great with fusion 360 / solidworks / sketchup / etc...

                        +1 .. Ther'e not cheap.. I paid just over a ton for mine a few yrs ago .. but easily worth it when compared to trackballs etc.


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                          I use a Kensington Expert track ball. Would never go back. In the $90 range. They have other options, check their site out.


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                            Originally posted by DaveM 7766 View Post
                            I use a Kensington Expert track ball.
                            Yup, have been using that one for 16 years now.. I love it. And.... the billiard table ball is a direct fit JR


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                              I use the same trackball Ian (circlip) mentions above.. logitech Msomething.. M570 sounds right, I think that's all they make?

                              The scroll wheel is the 3rd button. Push it and it'll rotate in fusion, solidworks, etc etc.