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Using toe clamps with serrated feet?

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  • Using toe clamps with serrated feet?

    Got some used articulated toe clamps but these have serrated bottoms I've never encountered before. Are these clamps meant to be clamped down on a milling machine table, or is there another reason they exist? I'm wondering if there's a possibility they could damage the table if clamped down directly. Are they intended to be used piggyback if needed, with serrations locking the two clamps together with respect to longitudinal loads?
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    The 1953 patent mentions serrated feet in context of being bolted directly to milling table or lathe faceplate.


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      I'd worry about them scraping metal off the table as well. In fact I'd run these surfaces at least lightly over a belt sander or flat stone. Or a sheet of 240 grit wetordry stuck to the table saw table or surface plate to flatten and even up the sharp ridges. Once they are down to where roughly half the area is flat I'd call 'em good and not be afraid to use them.
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        Depends how hard they are, if they are hardened I wouldent let them near my table, as BC points our, remove the serrations or use a copper pad under them perhaps,


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          Thanks, I won't use them on my table until I'm sure they won't cause damage. I'll use them on the faceplates if needed since minor damage there is not a problem and the articulated toes may let me do some things on a faceplate that I hadn't considered before.

          I'm still curious about how the maker, J&S?, would answer my question, maybe they don't harden the serrations or something. If nothing else is 100% convincing maybe I'll do a test and clamp one of them down as tight as possible on a suitable piece of cast iron and see if it leaves any marks.

          Here's the Co. page on the clamps, many types I haven't seen before:

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            It should do as much damage as a set of hardened vise jaws, somthing you don't want on your table, we used them in work but only on hardened tables, most big mills are, but they did marr the surface, a common one was carver clamp heads, I believe the undersides are now smooth


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              Thanks, glad to hear from one who has used these. I just called the company-the gent I spoke with thinks the clamps are hardened to about 50-55 R. He recommends grinding the sharp points off the serrations to prevent marks.