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1905 pat. B&S dividing head-use or put in museum?

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    Re: Machining Museums,,,, Back a few years ago i came across a web site of a guy that was setting one up in Saskatchen i think it was. Maybe Tundra Twin Track is aware of this location and his website?


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      Originally posted by Cannonmn View Post
      Dan can speak for himself, but I'll interject that the scars on the face are so deep you'd need about 0.200 removed to improve the looks very much.
      With machinery you take off enough to ensure accuracy, if you want looks over functionality you build yourself a steam locomotive ;-)
      If you benefit from the Dunning-Kruger Effect you may not even know it ;-)


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        Taking .2" off the top is going to ruin it. You'll loose a lot of rigidity (imagine using a toe-clamp on the surface, and the flexing they would cause). Just give it a skim cut and fill in the low spots with JB weld, Moglice, or even soft lead solder.

        As to the dovetails, they probably would've been cut using a dovetail cutter in the mill and a rotary table, then possibly lapped in for fit. At least that's the simplest way I imagine they could be done (but I have no clue).