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OT: Value of old coin-op riding animals?

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  • OT: Value of old coin-op riding animals?

    I was visiting a buddy today, and we discovered in his mounds of junk, a couple of old... whatever those things are called, the coin-operated rocking animals you used to see outside supermarkets and such.

    They're badly deteriorated, having been out in the weather for many years, and the coin boxes (which say 10 cents, not 25 cents) have been smashed open and all the electrics removed.

    Obviously they're not worth much as is- they're basically parts for someone elses' restoration. But the question came up, is there any value to them at all, and if so, does anyone know of a site for collectors of them?

    I did a couple Google searches, but apart from a bunch of random photos, I couldn't find much- probably because I don't know exactly what they're called. I tried to image search these two particular ones, but couldn't find exact matches. One's a horse, as I recall, while the other is a fairly well-detailed pig, which I thought a bit unusual. The bodies are fiberglass or plastic of some kind, with surprisingly-detailed (although unfortunately very badly deteriorated) saddles, with wooden cores and I think actual leather trimming.

    He's not looking to get "top dollar", we'd just like to see 'em go to somebody who can restore 'em, or use parts to restore better machines.

    Anyone know where I could get started?

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    I didn't take any pics, as I didn't have a camera with me, but I recalled the base on one said "Rudy"- the aluminum trim is still there. Managed to find a photo of what it probably originally looked like. Linked image.

    Aaand looking around a bit more, this is probably the other one: Linked image.

    Neither image has any description.

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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      "American Pickers" in Iowa may be interested. Mike and Frank come over as pretty straight guys. Regards Ian.
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        Those rides are usually called "coin operated kiddie rides". Unfortunately sounds like what you have isn't going to be worth much.

        Antique Archaeology is located in LeClaire, Iowa with another store in Nashville.



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          Drag them out front and put up a sign saying "For Sale! Hillary & Donald Rides" (I'll leave it to your imagination which is which. )
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            I don't know how valid the price is but watching a programme on tv recently called American pickers the price was about $400 for the fibreglass and 600 for the cast metal ones, specific unusual ones were much more, like a pig in this case, there are collectors of these automatia.
            Just noticed it was antique archeology, she's got some fascinating tattoos, (Danielle)I think I've said enough!
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              Originally posted by boslab View Post
              American pickers the price was about $400 for the fibreglass and 600 for the cast metal ones
              Were they beat up, missing parts and with the coin-op busted open and the guts missing though? ;-)
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                No I saw a complete working but in need of tlc one, but definitely reasearch prices, I'm shocked by what some stuff is worth


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                  Sell or give them to a pig & or horse farmer or a farm vet for a sign.


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                    Maybe these folks can help:

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                        Originally posted by Circlip View Post
                        "American Pickers" in Iowa may be interested. Mike and Frank come over as pretty straight guys. Regards Ian.

                        They're anything but straight having recently come out of the closet after a long term relationship!
                        Not only this but the show is about as phony as a three dollar bill. They've always come across as carney hucksters to me. The show is aimed at all of those who have a pile of junk at home and think it's worth thousands.
                        Great concept and a ready made audience waiting to suck it all up thinking that, yeah my **** is worth big money.

                        Not saying there aren't hidden treasures out there but that show isn't one of them.
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                          Put a faster, more powerful motor on them and sell them to a cowboy bar as a bull or bronc riding contest.

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                            Wacky as it sounds the best exposure for these to go to an appreciative home is likely Ebay or a more national level of Craigslist or similar. It's obviously a niche market and something that would be more appealing to a well decorated family room in a bigger house. So the wider the audience exposure the better the odds of finding a buyer that's willing to pay for the shipping of something like this. And shipping will be a LOT. Likely more than he will get for the actual item.

                            Keep in mind that there were LOTS of these things all over the land. So for the few folks that might have an interest in such things I suspect it's easier to find options a little closer to home.

                            And I wouldn't put much stock in what any NON reality TV show might put on such things. Those shows are all fixed. The Canadian version was well known for "stocking" the barns and sheds of otherwise scenic country homes and priming the owner's lines. At best any shred of "reality" is bleached out of any show during its first season.
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                              Thanks guys. Yeah, I have no illusions there's a "fortune" of any kind tied up there- even if they were fantastically rare models, as I said, they're badly deteriorated. I suspect there may be a problem even selling them for parts, as shipping the main bodies alone, down from Alaska, even as light as they are, may cost more than they're worth in this condition.

                              We might just try the local Craigslist route first, see if there's an in-state collector/restorer first. (Unlikely, but not impossible. And I've been surprised before. )

                              Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)