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    Two of the movies I still enjoy are Three Amigos and Young Dr. Frankenstein. They were both very well done with a lot of satire, innuendo and comedy.
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      Originally posted by DS_park View Post

      Blazing Saddles however still stands the test of time. I doubt they would be allowed to film it today though.
      pretty much anything with farts in it will stand the test of time.

      I'm protective of my reading much crap out there, and lets face it, what we want to be is absolutists not relativists when it comes to reading material (ie read really great stuff, not just great because everyone is reading or we're 23). Have been reading a lot of classics lately, the cheap and almost guaranteed well worth it - going with the safe absolute lol

      As for video, imo TV has gotten a lot better if you restrict viewing to the better done 1 hour dramas. They're movie quality with 10 hours to develop story plot and characters, vs movies at 1.5. Frankly its a rare movie that interests me anymore, 99% are done to 1 of 5 Hollywood clich├ęs. Maybe just getting old and grumpy, but movies imo are a product whose quality is in decline
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        Originally posted by Evan View Post
        I haven't watched a movie in quite a few years, I don't watch television either and haven't for about 25 years. However, I do have another reason that most people don't have. I have prosopagnosia, also known as "face blindness", the inability to remember faces. Mine is bad enough that I cannot identify the characters in the movies or TV shows unless it is something like Star Trek or Star Wars, which I do like. Not being able to recognize the characters makes it hard to follow the plot in most cases. Shows like The Matrix are a nice exception. The old Westerns are also fairly easy because of the heavy stereotyping. I did enjoy watching the movie I was in, The Thirteenth Warrior. At least I can recognize myself.

        That is me on the left with the real beard:

        And how did that happen?
        We want to know!
        I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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          A part of the movie was filmed only 30 klics from where I lived for nearly 40 years. At the time I worked for Xerox Corp and looked after all the temporary gear they had in their office and in the "Circus", the near set offices a short helicopter flight from the actual set. They did a casting call in Williams Lake so I attended and was selected to act as a knife maker and seller. There is a lot I have written about it so you can read it here. It was also published as a three part series in the local newspaper.

          BTW, my server is getting a bit overloaded. I have it set to a max of 50 connections at once. So, if you can't get a connection just wait a few minutes. I can set it higher but then it makes it harder for me to connect.

          I also think that my ISP heavily restricts connections via FTP. They aren't supposed to do that but I am sure they do. I never have these problems with the primary provider, the phone company, but I can't get that type of access where I am now. I go through what is mainly the TV cable supplier, SHAW, and they intentionally limit bandwidth on FTP I am sure.
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            Originally posted by Seastar View Post
            And how did that happen?
            the call for extras went out for hairy guys in a bathrobe
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              When I was about 4 years old, circa 1960 or so, I was just getting to the point where I would go to sleep without needing a light on (monsters under the bed and such).

              We went to visit some family in Detroit and my older cousins and I went to a neighborhood Saturday matinee and saw "House on Haunted Hill". After that, I needed the light on to go to sleep for a good while longer.

              After I was married, I watched it with my wife, for the first time since I was 4.

              We kept waiting for the scary parts. When the movie was over my wife turned to me and exclaimed "well, maybe the credits are really scary"!


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                Not exactly a bathrobe...

                If they had caught me with a camera I would have been kicked off the set instantly. I happened to have a very tiny 35mm camera that I hid in my vehicle on the seat so I went over one day just after having dressed and quickly snapped this pic. The camera was still sitting on the seat which is why the angle is so low. They are super fussy about no pictures of any sort being taken of anything to do with the filming in any way. The actual set was down in the river valley so they flew all of us in in helicopters each day. It was one of the best two week vacations I have ever taken. They even paid me about $20 bucks an hour. Its a shame I didn't get a speaking part. If you say more than just a few words in any way at all then the salary goes to over $100 per hour for the entire production time that you are on set. We had to mouth words without making any sound, pretend we were speaking to each other when they were actually shooting. It was quite the education in how movies are made. It sure isn't anything like what the finished product looks like. Everything, and I mean everything is fake. Even the ships in the pic I posted aren't real in any way. Directly under the water are big blocks of white Styrofoam, not a hull. They did have one real ship with an outboard motor. The exhaust came up the middle through what looked like a cooking fire pot. They even filled the entire valley with fake fog for one series of shots. It is amazing what they can do. That two weeks was a total blast. I even had a chance to chat with the stars a bit. Omar Sharif was a really nice guy and if you were interested in playing cards you were in the game.

                Shooting a movie is all about waiting forever for a few minutes of actual action to happen. I also ended up being the unofficial meteorologist for the crew because I was fully equipped to download on short wave and print the latest satellite photos back then so I brought them with me each morning. I also had special access to all the offices because I kept their office equipment running. I got a really good inside look at all of it. My job with Xerox was a real "fly on the wall" job in a lot of places and that includes a lot of very high security locations that I shouldn't talk about even now. I had actual special security clearances including at the base a short bike ride from where I now live.
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