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  • Auto welding helmets

    I was just looking on Ebay for auto darkening welding helmets and the prices are very low (under $30.00 US).
    Has anyone bought a low cost one on Ebay? I did a search for "welding helmet"

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    I bought one on Ebay about a year ago. It was $65 back then and it works well. The only problem I've had with it is the helmet material is cheap and it fell off my welder and a big chunk came off by the chin, but it still works. The head ring is kind of cheap too and always has to be tightened. No problems with the lens though. Definitely worth the price you pay...


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      You'll generally get what you pay for. I have purchased 3 auto darkening welding helmets, the last being the Jackson NexGen, which sells for about $400.00.

      What you'll miss on the cheaper helmets are wide range of adjustable shade. This is handy when setting down the wire feed and picking up the plasma cutter. Or go to shade 4 when using the Oxy/Ac torch. Everyone always loves the electronic helmets at first, especially when stepping up from the old filter type.

      Another big feature is adjustable delay. This is important especially in TIG aluminum, where the puddle is very bright... long after your arc is extinguished.

      Other features like solar powered will give you longer battery life.

      Oh.. the only thing I overlooked when I bought this last helmet is that the replacement batteries are not readily available. Even Radio Shack didn't stock them. This would be a prime consideration as well.


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        Hobart, The Hood... I like it, adjustable shade, and no batteries to change. It runs on solar cells in the face.

        Don't leave it in the gang box where it is dark thou or it needs recharging by the sun.

        I didn't throw away my old welding helmet when I bought this one.



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          Just bought one at Harber Fright, it's thier $100 one on sale for $50. It has an adjustable shade control and an adjustable delay. It works great. It is a little flimsy but if your not in an industrial situation it should hold up with a little care.


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            Thank you everyone for your help.


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              2nd that on the $49.99 harbor freight model by Western Safety. I bought one (solar powered) and use it for my mig welding projects and love it even in the darker part of my warehouse. Mine adjusts from 9-13 I believe and you don't suffer at all from the initial flash of the arc. It is quick. A great by for a non professional welder IMHO.



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                Not a full time professional welder by any means but, all of my instructors have said the same thing about the auto-darkening helmets. Fast isn't fast enough, damage from ultra violet is cumulative. Buy a good helmet, adjust it properly and learn how to nod you head to get it to flip down before you strike and arc.



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                  Reggie...sounds like a load of hooey to me. I work in a production shop. I get far more damage from the 15 other welders surrounding me than I ever would from my Optrel auto lens at startup. If you are doing critical welds in very tight places you can't flip yer lid anyway. Want to risk a stray arc strike on an X-ray test on a $50,000 part? No thanks...I'll use my auto lens, thanks.
                  I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                    Follow up:
                    I bought (won) a new cheap helmet on Ebay. First the seller never said that there was a battery "back up" for the solar. What's worse is that the battery is in a sealed housing and not changeable!
                    When I asked what happens when the battery dies, I got,"the helmet should work with a dead battery". SHOULD!! These are my eyes.
                    Secondly, This is an ok helmet for casual home use but don't expect more from it. Very flimsy.
                    As someone said. You get what you pay for.
                    Here's the helmet. Not my bid, they usually go for about $35.00 but I saw one go for $51.00.


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                        Thanks Dan,
                        Good info.