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Taking curl out of UHMW

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  • Taking curl out of UHMW

    I have some sheets of UHMW (16 x 38 x 0.75) that were produced by skiving from a roll. As such they have taken a curl, which I want to get rid of so that they will lie flat. I have tried to weight them while leaving them in the sun but that has not worked. I will have to mechanically attach them to a substrate but would prefer to not to have to pepper the sheets with fasteners.

    I do have a heat gun but would like to hear from anyone with a solution.

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    It does tend to take a set over time. I've had cutting boards of UHMW sag form sitting on an angle. I turned them crown up and left them for some time and they leveled back out. It took a few weeks though. So set yours on some risers and weight down the middle to slightly over bend them and then check by lifting the weight off every few days to see how it's coming along.
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      Can't tell you what the UV degradation period is, but UHMW doesn't do well in sunlight.


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        This Wkipedia article gives instructions on how to anneal UHMWPE. That may well allow you to straighten the material out, though you might have to experiment a bit.


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          Here is some thicker stock if you need some. "Tensile strength of steel"