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Learned a new 3d CAD trick---

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  • Learned a new 3d CAD trick---

    Yesterday afternoon I had some "dead time" where I didn't have any real work, and didn't have any machining hobby work either. I knew that Solidworks 2015 had some new features which I knew very little about, and so I called up my "tech help" guys in Toronto and got a couple of private lessons via "". One trick was the capability to make two shafts revolve in the same direction as though they were driven by a belt. There was a command for this, but it was in an unusual place. The other trick was the ability to create a roller chain and then animate it. This capability is just mind boggling, but it takes some time and really other than sales presentations has little value---BUT---It is sooooo neat!!!

    Check out the attached video I made. It doesn't last very long, but it sure is a nifty visual trick.
    Brian Rupnow
    Design engineer
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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    I've modeled the complete valve motion of a steam locomotive with the johnson bar moving and adjusting the steam cutoff. Needless to say, it gave Solidworks a heart attack and my computer just wasn't fast enough to make it very useful.


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      Yeah, interactive motion modeling is becoming the big thing in design. It does make complex assemblies easier to troubleshoot I think. You can see where its goes wrong before you make it. And it is fun to discover and learn new things. That's what trips our triggers so to speak.

      I personally don't have much need for it. I can even get by with simple 2D CAD most of the time. But, if one wishes to remain relevant in the working world, you need to be somewhat competent, if not master this stuff.

      If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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        Just try not to mate across sub assemblies.
        That really slows things down.