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  • Bridgeport series 1 motor

    Can you assist me in locating a new or rebuilt Bridgeport Series 1 Motor. Please provide me with the company name and contact of info of the vendor that sales Bridgeport motors.

    Thank you

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    Series 1 motors are specials. Unless you can find one on eBay or a local machinery dealer you're probably stuck with paying the over the counter price of $600 plus.

    The standard motor has a big flange and a longer shaft than a standard motor but all is not lost.

    Many acceptable BP motor substitutes have been made by mounting a NEMA 142 frame C face motor on a suitable flange, one that's machined a bit like a soup tureen where the motor sits deep as possible in the belt case cavity so there's enough shaft protrusion to obtain a good engagement in the motor pulley. At the same time the motor has to be shifted enough in the opening to jump the belt. You have to mill some relief in the flange to make it happen. It's a bit tricky but it can be done.

    Why do you need a new motor Is the old motor shot? The reason I ask is because often people with single phase power buy a three phase machine thinking to change out the motor and all will be well. That said, there are many ways to run a three phase motor from single phase power, some of them are quiet and efficient and the solution is not that expensive.

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      Another alternative is to take your existing motor to a motor shop and have it repaired. Probably much cheaper than a new motor.


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        Forrest. You reminded me of something. My dads cousin Gordon was a chief mold maker for Lindberg Plastics. When he retired he had a shop in his basement. He ordered his series one from Bridgeport with a 1 hp single phase motor. I remember helping him and my dad take it apart and lug it through their kitchen and down the basement stairs.
        There are BPs out there with factory sf motors.


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          I know single phase powered machine tools are essential to those who have to live with limited space, problems with rental agreements, etc.

          I live in another world where I've wired both shops with 230 single phase. I've been spoiled by the convenience of variable frequency drives. I'd never buy another piece of single phase machinery except for items requiring portability or fixed mode of operation stuff like air compressors.

          For that reason I tend to evangelize about VFD's to any who will listen and many who would rather not. So: sorry if I over-hint in that direction as I did above.

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            Fife-Pearce Electric in Detroit carries all the parts needed to repair the varispeed motors. I use them all the time. I think the toll free number is 800-521-1062, but I know the other number is 313-369-2560. Ask for John, he is very helpfull.


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              One of the sellers on ebay has a mill for sale, saying he replaced the 2hp motor with a 1.5 when the 2hp burnt out. I asked him if he still had the 2hp, and if it was for sale. He replied, saying the burnt out one was for sale for $300 plus shipping. I asked in case it could be gotten and rewound at a reasonable cost.
              Guess not, since that is a little more than I would pay for the motor running.


              Since the pictures look so good, I wonder if it has undergone a Krylon rebuild? David from jax
              A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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                I have an old bridgeort 1hp motor that I aquired some time ago and never used. E-Mail me if you're interested and I'll send you a picture and specs. Joe