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    so what do you do it photobucket is full? pay them? seriously, look at

    gratis bilder hochladen

    this has taken me about 3 seconds, no adds, no waiting, no bull****. well, im a new user so maybe bull****t comes later, as it did with photobucket.
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      Originally posted by dian View Post
      seriously, look at almost went broke last month . Long term survival - who knows ???




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        Originally posted by nc5a View Post
        Wow! 1 google photo user out of 10 replies. In fact most haven't even mentioned google photo as an option, this is clearly telling me something, I just haven't figured out what. Could it be that few use it because of image compression, several internet searches mentioned that google photo does compresses images. I try to limit my file size to 300k max so file compression probably wouldn't bother me. Especially since I use a point and shoot camera and my full file size is generally around 2 meg.

        Does anyone have an idea why google photos isn't very popular, at least here anyway?
        I looked into it yesterday and couldn't find any way to organize the contents. I prefer a "tree" structure (at least similar to the way Windows 7 does the contents of C drive) After looking for any help (the only mention of help was for some sort of "Mobile" things) finally gave up. If you or anyone can point me to some help for a desktop computer I'd give it another look.